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How it works: Summary

Pat has a great idea but needs support to get started
So, Pat submits the idea on ideabakr seeking support
Investors and partners reach Pat, work on idea

How it works: Video


Got an Idea?

Got an idea? Is it a solution to a problem you have noticed or is it an improvement to an existing product or service? Ideabakr can help make your idea a success. Most successful ideas, however, happen to be solutions to problems that the idea owners themselves had. Therefore, we encourage to look around you and think of solutions to your own personal problems or improvements that can make your own life easier. Often times, solutions that idea owners create for themselves end up working well for other people and, as such, become "good ideas".

Submit the Idea

Submitting ideas on Ideabakr is easy and fast. To submit an idea, you only have to explain what problem you are trying to solve and who is affected by this problem. No business plans or prior experience is required. After logging onto our platform, the whole application can be completed with a single click. We typically give consideration to ideas that impact the most people but it must be noted that this is not always the most important criteria. .

We Do the Work

This is the part where Ideabakr goes to work for you and your idea. When you submit your idea to Ideabakr, we attempt to put your idea in front of anyone, including companies, investors and collaborators that can help turn your idea into reality. We work to find these people who might be interested in your idea and try to get them in contact with you. Whichever way it is viewed, this is a priceless effort because our non-profit is working to help grow your idea.

You WIN!

Ideas are constantly winning on Ideabakr. On Ideabakr, winning does not end at the prize: Long after the end of the competition, idea owners are still being contacted by interested investors and collaborators. This is where Ideabakr is different from a regular idea competition event. The goal of participating in an ideabakr competition is not merely to win a prize.

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