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About Ideabakr

Let us start by asking the question "What can we do to help good ideas happen?" The answer or answers to that question is the ultimate goal of ideabakr. We understand that even the best ideas still require strong determination, skills, time and money to be successfully executed and not everyone with good ideas can afford these scarce resources. That is why we exist: to assist entrepreneurs with determination in their journey of executing their ideas.

How We Operate

As a Federal approved non-profit organization, we encourage communities to think of problems that affect the lives of people and to profer solutions to these problems. We achieve this by organizing idea competitions within communinities.
Next, we then lend our support to entrepreneurs who understand these problems, the recommended solutions, and are working to tackle the problems. In the end, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Understand Our Philosophy

Our team strongly believes in success through collaboration. We believe that genuine collaborators must first buy into an idea owner's vision. Therefore, we believe that all collaborators and co-founders must share the same vision for the execution of an idea.
Consequently, our approach is to help idea owners find people who believe in their ideas and are willing to contribute to the success of the idea.

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